2018 G.H Forwarding Annual Gala

2018 Annual Dinner

On 10th March 2018 at Ningbo, WESTIN HOTEL all branches Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Qingdao plus our Vietnam team in Ho Chi and many clients came together to celebrate the start of a new year.

It was the time of year where all friends of G.H Forwarding came together to re-energize and set new goals and commitments for the continuing success of our company.

Gala event organised by Cindy and hosted by Ricky and Julia, it was a night to remember, full of entertainment from all branches and clients showing off their hidden talents through singing, dancing, playing the guitar.

It was an honour to smile and laugh throughout the night and have a few drinks with the CEO, Branch Managers and other colleagues.

A Chinese tradition is for our CEO, Zhou and all managers to celebrate the new year by having a drink with every single member. It’s a way to show your appreciation and keep going. Additionally, to receive an red packet in Chinese 红包 to all members of this firm at start the new year for good luck and prosperity.

Together we explore and develop not only as company but, as individuals.


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