In case you didn’t know…

We’ve been around for a long time now in different networks such as the WCA, JCTrans, GLA, WIFFA and iSEA, and though we have branch offices in Shanghai, Qingdao, Guangzhou (also covering Shenzhen) and Hochiminh (Vietnam) – and very soon in Tianjin – we generally focus more on what we can do in Ningbo where our headquarters is based.

The reason?  When attending network meetings, you will have access to many companies from China and you’ll find that no company can be best at everything in every place, so while I can say our service mentality and efficiency is more or less the same throughout our company, I can’t say that our branch offices are as strong as our headquarters in Ningbo.

In Ningbo – while not boring you with the facts of what a general freight forwarder can do – we are also direct booking agents.  In northern and eastern China, you need to be a booking agent in order to book directly to a shipping line, in other words, you need to work with a booking agent such as ourselves.  We have direct contracts with the shipping lines, while other forwarders who don’t have this status (class 1 forwarder) will have to submit their bookings to us.

In this respect, we can work quicker and more efficient for your bookings.  Whether you use our service contracts with shipping lines on PREPAID or your own service contracts on COLLECT, we will give you the same quick and efficient service for your ocean freight bookings, ensuring you get information sent to you as soon as WE know.

Then, if you like how we work in Ningbo, maybe you would also consider our service from our other branch offices.  That’s the general idea.  So next time if you bump into me at a network meeting, stop me and say “hi” to learn more.  It’s good to connect 😉