Interview with Qingdao’s Branch Manager, Lisa Zhang

Ever wondered what Lisa Zhang’s path to becoming a Branch Manager is?


On 1st August 2016, Lisa Zhang became Qingdao’s first Branch Manager of G.H Forwarding, a well-established Class 1 forwarding booking agent for shipping lines throughout Asia and Europe.

She began her journey in international logistics and supply chain 10 years ago, when she graduated from Ocean University of China, Qingdao and gained experienced in the field for many years before joining the company.

In her exact words, she chose to work for G.H Forwarding 3 years ago “as I liked their corporate culture, atmosphere and development of planning.”

By working alongside her boss, she had learnt how G.H Forwarding operated on daily basis allowing her to run the business from Qingdao smoothly. She had built a close relationship with her boss, other branch managers and colleagues who had supported her to achieve her ambitions over the years.

Her greatest achievement has been to take part in the establishment of the Qingdao Branch and be involved in the growth of the enterprise leading to Qingdao branch team to be better, bigger and stronger.

The CEO of G.H Forwarding, Zhou Lingfeng had taught her many things in particular taking responsibility of a large-scale organisation, maintaining gratitude and by receiving constant feedback on her management skills aiding the Qingdao team to continue growing.

A big challenge for us now is to expand plus develop the enterprise domestically and globally steadily but, rapidly; alongside keeping up with the logistics and supply chain market. We would like to focus on building upon our effective communication and efficient service to expand further through our social network and increase our global partners across Asia, Middle Eastern and Europe.

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