Jiu-Long Marathon Race 2018



An annual ritual for G.H Forwarding, on Sunday, 22nd April 2018 known as Earth Day, a day dedicated to “environmental protection.” Zhou (CEO), Kuroky (Shanghai Branch Manager), and Hark (Head of the Customer Service Department) participated in the Jiu-long Lake Marathon Race 2018.

Our team ran half marathon in one of most beautiful cities also, known where our headquarters is based, Ningbo.


Besides just running half marathon, the race is themed on “health, love and environment protection”. Therefore, our G.H Forwarding Team also, donated to a good cause, the Ai Fund. The donation aids many young students in Zhejiang Province, China who need our help to pursue their well-being and career plus be able to achieve their goals in life.

As a company we believe every little help.

No matter how big or small the ‘giving’  is, we want to help and be part of a child’s career to be by their side as they succeed. 

We hope next year many of you reading this can get involved in race at Ningbo, Jiu-long Lake Marathon Race 2019.

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