Office Safety Improvement in Shanghai Branch Office

We all know that working in the logistics industry means we need to stay for a long time in front of a computer in the office.  Maybe you would never think that it could be harmful for you to just sitting there, but in actual fact, if could be and we need to take more notice about our health and safety while we are working in the office.

Recently, our Shanghai branch office went though an equipment improvement process funded by our labor union which helped all our colleagues to have a more comfortable working environment.  We added a small table on each employee’s table like below:

This small table can help us to set the computer to a proper and suitable height for viewing without putting too much strain on our backs and necks. Usually our set or monitor is not high enough, we would lower our heads and bend our waist, these action could hurt our cervical and lumbar vertebrae, which is bad for our health.


With the help of the small tables to reach a suitable height, our eyes can stay at a suitable level with the computer screen, which relieves the pressure of our shoulders and back, and also we don’t need to bend our waists for a long time, the backbone is well-protected this way.

Also, the small table can help to keep you working with a correct posture. This is just one way to protect our neck and waist. Here we will share more tips to help you work in a more safe and comfortable office, let do it:


  • Keep your desk tidy. Just clean up all the mess on your desk, you will feel less pressure and more productive:)
  • Bring an eye mask with you. When you take a rest at noon break, the eye mask will help you to have a better sleep and more energetic in the afternoon.
  • Not just noon break, you also need some short break and move your body after working for 1-2 hours which should be regular, to release your body from a fixed posture.
  • Do some exercises after work like a jogging, it’s good for your health anyway.

Everyone should take care and place more attention to matters of health whether it be in the office or daily life. It can greatly help us to live or work in a more efficient and happier way!