Our Vietnam office is 1 year old!

Our Vietnam office, G.H Logistics is 1 year old now!  Here are some of the memories over the past year…

In the beginning, the branch office only consisted of our branch manager, Ms. Lotus and Mia, the very first members of the team in Vietnam.  Then, Linh and Tee joined the team shortly after and we spent our first Christmas together.  We shared much joy and happiness care for each other, while at the same time creating many memories.


The first time we met our company chairman and Mr. Hawk, they had travelled a long way from China to Vietnam to meet us in person.  Our chairman is a very handsome man, and our Mia went so far as to say he is so nice and makes us feel very comfortable and like part of a family.  We had a cosy dinner to celebrate the opening of our Vietnam office and at that time, the U23 Vietnam reached the very first high award as the 2nd ranked of AFC U23 Championship, so this adds to a beautiful memory for us to keep in our hearts.

We have also had the chance to visit China as new members of the G.H. family during the annual dinner which is normally held after the Chinese New Year.  All members from the Vietnam office flew to Ningbo to take part.

What left us with a deep impression and touched our hearts was the RMB 520 we received from our company chairman, it means 我爱你 in Chinese.  Very sweet, don’t you think?

So a lot of time has passed and we have been together for more than 365 days now as a family, we have grown and have more members now.  Our big sister, Ms. Lily, Ms. Sammie, our sweetheart Nicole and some internship friends, we have right to think about the big and bright future that the G.H family holds for all of us.

We can’t promise that everything will be perfect but we know that we will become better day by day, step by step.

You have shown and given me a reason to be a better one. Thank you to the G.H family!