Sending railway cargo from China?

It's possible we can help you reduce your current costs.

Our team of experienced individuals can handle your requests from China.  Currently focusing mainly on cargo from China to Russia, if you need local handling and sending of cargo from within China, we can offer you that service.

Alternatively, if you need your cargo sent from China to Russia, we can help you arrange the full transportation.

We might even be able to help you reduce your costs by utilising Yingkou as a transit port and sending to the Manzhouli/Zabaikalsk border.

Contact us with your requirements for a more detailed reply to what we can offer specifically for you.

Sending cargo to China?

Let us ease your worries and make it pain free

We've been in the industry since 1992, we've been through thick and thin.

We'll apply our knowledge to minimise all potential risks and pave the way for a smooth landing of your shipment into the consignee's hands.