Signing Ceremony of Ru Zi Niu Entrepreneur Scholarship

Recently, our company chairman, Mr. Zhou Lingfeng visited Zhejiang Shuren University and signed a contract to set up the Ru Zi Niu Entrepreneur Scholarship with the Humanities and Foreign Language Department. Ru Zi Niu(孺子牛) means with a hardworking spirit, people can progress step by step and eventually be successful.

Our company chairman always believed that a Ru Zi Niu spirit will help young men and women alike to achieve self-worth. We are so proud that our company chairman is now the enterprise tutor of Zhejiang Shuren University, and also making G.H Forwarding a practice base for innovative ventures.

Actually, our company has been in cooperation with the Humanities and Foreign Language Department of Zhejiang Shuren University for many years now, and over these years, 16 students have become part of our company.

Only with the effort of both the University and GH Forwarding, the signing ceremony can work so well. We will improve the cooperation and keep moving on to make more contributions toour society.

Let’s develop together and make a better future!