We’re rebranding ourselves

G.H Forwarding: China Import Cargo

We're rebranding ourselves...



Some of you may know us as NCI Forwarding. NCI Forwarding reflects the full registered name of our company, Ningbo China International Forwarding Agency Company Ltd. However, in order for our name to be more "in line" with our registered Chinese company name, 国华 (pinyin: GuoHua), we have decided to "rebrand" our international name as G.H Forwarding.

So in case you were wondering why we decided to change, this is it. For those of you who understand FengShui (风水), this also plays a part in the decision to change. But there is nothing to worry about as apart from the name, nothing else has changed about us. Same people, company and service.

If you have any queries about this, feel free to contact us, your existing contact should be able to verify that nothing else has change.

Thank you for your attention!

G.H Forwarding Marketing Team

NCI Forwarding