Trade and Sourcing Services

Trading and Sourcing Services


If you need help with searching for goods and manufacturers in China, then our trading department can help. We will help find you the best partner for your business according to your specific requirements, carry out the verification and the reliability of the manufacturer and quality of the product. Our company specialises in the supply of various goods produced in China and delivery to all regions of Russia.

If you have already chosen a manufacturer, we can still help you ensure you have chosen wisely. We can inspect the factory and goods in compliance with your requirements. We have offices situated in all major cities of China so we can properly represent your interests in China.


Our services:
- Sourcing of goods in China
- Escorting to factories
- Checking of Chinese suppliers
- Quality control of goods in China
- Control of shipment in China
- Delivery of goods to Russia


Our advantages:
- Extensive experience of business within China
- Guaranteed reliability of manufacturer and quality of product
- Delivery of goods from door to door
- We have our own import-export and logistic companies
- Our own warehouses for cargo consolidation.
- We offer you a complete scheme from the initial search of the necessary goods to delivery to your doorstep
- Customer service in Russian and English languages


If You are interested in our services, please contact us.