G.H FORWARDING – Class 1 Booking Agent of COSCO!

Great news!!! G.H Forwarding, headquarters in Ningbo, China and established in 1992, will be a class 1 Booking agent of COSCO in Ningbo from 15th Oct, 2018! We will promote COSCO’s service from Ningbo to ports in Europe, Mediterranean and Southeast Asia as well as be able make direct bookings to COSCO from Ningbo to any destination they serve.



It’s well-known that COSCO is the largest shipping company in China and one of the largest transportation companies inthe world. It covers 1,300 ports in more than 160 countries and regions around the world.

As a class 1 booking agent, we can book directly to COSCO shipping line, that means you don’t have to go through forwarders, you can work directly through us as a COSCO direct booking agent.  If you have your own S/C we can book using that or you can consider to use our contracted rates.


We have more than 25 years experience in logistics, so no matter what service you need in normal containers or special containers, we can handle it and guarantee you service and efficiency.


A side from our headquarters in Ningbo, we also have branch offices in Guangzhou,Shanghai and Qingdao. From these offices we can cover all the ports in China, for sure we can meet all of your needs!  We also have an office in Vietnam which supports shipments for our regular partners.


If you are interested in this service, please feel free to contact us for more information. We may be able to offer you a better rate since we are a direct booking agent of COSCO, or you can use your own rate and book through us anyway. Connect with us and see how we can provide a quicker, better and more efficient service for you and your shipments!

Don’t hesitate to email us! We are waiting for you! 🙂


Author: Patty & Tony
Oversea Business Team
E: patty@nbguohua.com