Is Shanghai The Next Job Opportunity?!

Let's Find Out From Our Shanghai’s Branch Manager, Kuroky



Most people I have met only go to Shanghai to be a tourist, take photogenic pictures at the bund, shop at Nanjing Road and go on a few nights out.

However, on 10th March at Ningbo on one of the busiest days for G.H Forwarding’s as it was their 2018 Annual Dinner organised by Cindy.

Somehow, after all the rehearsal practises by the different branches, I managed to speak to Kuroky, Shanghai’s branch manager about his“故事 (story)。”

Kuroky aged 31, began his career in a city that is very special to him as it is where he was born and grew up with up with his family and friends by his side from playing basketball matches to graduating at Shanghai University to achieving G.H Forwarding long-term target such as; achieving 13000TEU’s in 2017.

He quoted that Shanghai is “definitely the next opportunity” because it’s a city surrounded by foreigners who not only learn the language but, adapt to the Chinese culture in a modern city.

Additionally, due to Shanghai’s economic development making a huge impact to the world and networking with other partners to be able to achieve dreams and ambitions together plus improve his English.

He wasn’t sure which career path to specialise in however, his friends also known as colleagues in G.H Forwarding had taken care of him and taught him everything he needed to do anything he wanted in life.

Surprisingly, this inspired him to dedicate himself take on the roles and responsibilities of being a Branch Manager involving taking care of his team and meeting clients.

Kuroky does believe Shanghai can be the next destination for an opportunity to the undergraduates and postgraduates mainly due to businesses in South-East Asia, Northern Europe and many more who are relying more on Chinese companies.   

From speaking to him the statement that stood out the most about his journey was why he stood by G.H Forwarding as they were was different mainly because they have built an loyal, caring-loving family working environment. By maintaining this factor our G.H Forwarding team hope to increase the number colleagues and clients across the globe.

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